2021 Festival Videos

Please see below the video links to all the 2021 sessions and St Brigid's Day commissioned poems.

Day 1 - Ailbhe Symth

The Coronavirus and its impact on women

Day 2 - Dr. Dara Culhane

Performance Reading of Letters from the Diaspora

Day 3 - Panel

Legends & Mythology of Brigid

Day 5 - Panel

Women Leading Change with Irish Canada Chamber of Commerce

Day 7 - Emma Donoghue

Photos that inspired her novel "The Pull of the Stars"

Day 4 - Panel

Covid, Mental Health, and the Irish Diaspora

Day 6 - Monica McWilliams

Northern Ireland Peace Activist - "Wave Goodbye to Dinosaurs" Talk

Day 8 - Emer O’Toole 

Irish Feminism: A Lovestory

St Brigid Poems

To celebrate St. Brigid's Day 2021, the Department of Foreign Affairs and MoLI - Museum of Literature Ireland, have collaborated on ‘Three Poems for Brigid’, a series of three short online films. Each film showcases a poet and a spoken word performer, and is based around one of the three aspects of Brigid as the triple goddess of Poetry, Healing, and Craftwork.

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St Brigid's Day / Lá Fheíle Bríde Festival Vancouver

This volunteer-led event is proudly sponsored by the Vancouver Consulate General of Ireland

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