St Brigid's Day Festival Vancouver

A celebration of Healing, Light and Creativity with workshops and discussions throughout the Festival for Irish Women and for women across the world.

A week-long virtual event of free activities that was held on January 31 to February 7. Despite Brigid’s origins in mythology and religion, this festival is non-religious.

Image taken from last year's St Brigid's Day Festival Vancouver 2020

The St Brigid's Day Festival Vancouver will be returning in 2022!

See below to sign up for the mailing list for next year and check out the videos of the 2021 Festival on this website.

Jennifer Bourke
Vice Consul General of Ireland in Vancouver

Proud sponsors of Lá Fhéile Bríde

The Consulate General of Ireland in Vancouver is proud to support and participate in the 2021 St. Brigid's Day Festival in Vancouver.


A large part of our role here in British Columbia is to support the Irish community and help promote Irish culture.


St. Brigid's Day, being in honour of Ireland's triple goddess and matron Saint, gives us an opportunity to celebrate the important and under-recognised role of Irish women and girls in all aspects of history, mythology and culture. 


I encourage all Irish women in B.C. to participate in the 2021 St. Brigid's Day Festival Vancouver.


It will be a wonderful opportunity to celebrate the achievements and stories of the women who inspire us, and for us to embrace our own power and influence as Irish diaspora women and as female role-models for those around us.


‘I encourage all Irish women in B.C. to 

 participate in the 2021 St. Brigid's Day Festival Vancouver’

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