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Artwork Deirdre Keohane
Artwork Deirdre Keohane

Deirdre Keohane
Deirdre Keohane

Brigid's Day Festival -  Consul General Frank Flood - 2020
Brigid's Day Festival - Consul General Frank Flood - 2020

Artwork Deirdre Keohane
Artwork Deirdre Keohane


Maura De Freitas is the Festival Director of the St. Brigid’s Day Festival Vancouver and a founding member of the Irish Benevolent Society of B.C. (IBSBC).


It was due to her work as publisher of The Celtic Connection newspaper that the IBSBC was established. 


As a registered non-profit with the Province of British Columbia since 1992, the ISBSC has been a lifeline for many in the Vancouver Irish community facing hardship, while also serving its mandate to support local arts and culture.


In 2020, the IBSBC launched the first annual St. Brigid’s Day Festival (Lá Féile Bríde) with the support of the Consulate General of Ireland, Vancouver.


It is thanks to our generous supporters that we were able to present our inaugural event at Simon Fraser University Harbour Centre in February 2020. 


Now, we are absolutely delighted that we can present the 2021 St. Brigid’s Day Festival in week-long virtual format with registration is open to participants across North America and Ireland.


Our festival offers a wide range of voices and viewpoints with many inspiring and thought-provoking insights into the goddess and saint known as Brigid. While she represents the creativity of women, we welcome men to join us and register for any and all of our sessions.


In recognition of those sponsors who helped establish the 2020 Festival, we would like to acknowledge the following for their support:


  • The Consulate General Ireland, Vancouver

  • Simon Fraser University

  • The Irish Women’s Network

  • The Wolf & Hound

  • The Irish Heather

  • Orchard Recovery Centre

  • IRL Construction

  • Trans Cold Distribution Ltd.

  • The Legal Alternative

  • The Sylvia Hotel