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Abegael Fisher-Lang

Abegael Fisher-Lang, from Nova Scotia, is a longtime BC teller, known for her tales spanning the crazy quotidian to the mythopoetic.  Having participated in epic storytelling weekends  -- the Shahnemeh, the Kalevala, the Mabinogion, Norse myths, 1001 Nights, The Odyssey -- for 'almost 100 years', she is inspired most of all by the rich Celtic imagination of story, poetry and festivals.


Abegael has hosted the North Shore Storytelling Cric-Crac? since 2000 at the Silk Purse in West Vancouver and is always keen to bring storytelling to community initiatives.  As a Life-Cycle Celebrant, these days she creates and presents story-based ceremonies to help folks mark big life events like 'hatchin' matchin' & dispatchin'.

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