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Dr. Angela Byrne

Our Keynote speaker from the 2020 Brigid Festival Vancouver, Dr. Angela Byrne is the former Historian-in-Residence at the EPIC Museum in Dublin (the new Irish emigration museum which was voted Europe’s leading tourist attraction at the World Travel Awards in 2019).


Dr. Byrne specializes in the experiences of migrants and women in the past, particularly the Eighteenth and Nineteenth Centuries. She also works on the history of women in science and often speaks on her own research at public events and academic conferences.


Angela is also particularly thrilled that ‘Blazing a Trail: Lives and Legacies of Irish Diaspora Women’ will be on display at our St. Brigid’s Festival as she was the curator of that exhibition at EPIC.


Over 20 panels of the ‘Blazing a Trail’ exhibit will be on display at Brigid Festival Vancouver 2020 on February 1 and was available for local viewing.

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