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Blazing a Trail: Lives and Legacies of Irish Diaspora Women

‘Blazing a Trail: Lives and Legacies of Irish Diaspora Women’ is an exhibition that ran in EPIC The Irish Emigration Museum in 2018. 


It celebrates the lives and legacies of 21 pioneering Irish diaspora women of the 19th and 20th centuries who blazed a trail in a wide range of fields. The exhibition is a collaboration between EPIC, Herstory and the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade.

The exhibition marks the centenary of partial women’s suffrage, the right of Irish and British women to vote in elections. Individual Irish women across the globe struggled for their own professional recognition, and for justice and equality for others.

Some of the Irish women featured in ‘Blazing a Trail’ include designer and architect Eileen Gray; computer programming pioneer Kay McNulty; poet, mystic and trade unionist Eva Gore-Booth; tennis champion Mabel Cahill; medical missionary Sr Dr Maura Lynch; and ‘most dangerous woman in America’ Mother Jones. As part of the exhibition, Hungarian artist Szabolcs Kariko has created original portraits of several of the women.

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