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Gillian Goulding

Professor of Anthropology & Sociology

Gillian Goulding is the Vancouver Social Care Advisor for the Irish Canadian Immigration Centre (I/Can). 


She works alongside the National Social Care Advisor based in Toronto, providing support and guidance to Irish diaspora to source any mental health or social care resources they may need in Vancouver, B.C.


Gillian is originally from Cork and moved to Vancouver in 2019. She has worked in various Social Care fields since 2008. 


She loves working with people and guiding them on how to find the right tools and supports for their individual needs.


Established in December of 2011, I/Can is a not-for-profit organization which offers outreach and information in areas such as employment, social services, and immigration. There are no fees for services.


As a new immigrant, things can be overwhelming. I/Can shares how to access health and well-being information, including mental health services across Canada.  They also offer webinars and podcasts on coping, getting help, and feeling well. 


Gillian will be a participant on the Vancouver St. Brigid’s Festival discussion panel: Covid, Mental Health and the Irish Diaspora.

Panel Discussion -  Covid, Mental Health, and the Irish Diaspora
Feb. 03, 7:00 p.m. PST
Online Event