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Sara Thompson

Sara Thompson (she/her) is a folklorist, ethnographer, and pop culture scholar. She undertook her undergraduate degree in Celtic Studies at the University of Toronto and an MA in Interdisciplinary Studies at York University in Toronto, where she mingled literary studies, folklore, gender studies, and theatre studies to explore fairy tales both classic and contemporary.


She has taught at York for over twenty years, in Humanities, History, German Studies, and the Children, Childhood, & Youth program. Her research interests often focus on the ways that ideas about the past and about tradition are used to shape and articulate current practices and performances of identity.



St. Brigid of Kildare: Life, Legend, and Cult
By Noel Kissane
Four Courts Press Ltd., 2017

[Please note that Kissane accepts some problematic claims by early hagiographers without providing justification; I would urge folks to treat the book as not entirely historically accurate but as a very wide-ranging look at Brigidine traditions.]

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